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Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

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Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

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Effortless and Tangle-Free Cord Organization in an Instant

Say goodbye to tangled cords and welcome a clutter-free space. Experience the convenience of Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder, designed to effortlessly wind and store all kinds of wires with just one pull and one release. Achieve a clean and tidy desktop and handbag with this ingenious solution!

Introducing Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder, the ultimate accessory for anyone seeking a simple and efficient way to manage cords and wires. Its automatic recovery cord reel feature makes wire storage a breeze, allowing you to declutter and organize with ease. Get ready to transform your cord management and enjoy the tidiness and convenience Zipcord™ brings!


✔ Automatic Cord Recovery: With Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder, say goodbye to the hassle of manual cord winding. One pull and one release are all it takes to enjoy automatic wire collection, making cord storage and organization a simple task.

✔ Clean and Tidy Spaces: Keep your desktop and handbag neat and tidy with Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder. No more messy cords getting in the way of your productivity or causing frustration. 

✔ High-Quality and Safe Material: Zipcord™ is crafted from high-strength and tough ABS material, ensuring durability and resistance to falls and impacts. Your cords are stored safely without any damage, allowing you to use them for a long time without wear and tear.

✔ Instant Cleanliness: The automatic take-up feature of Zipcord™ makes cord storage quick and efficient. No more untangling or manual winding – enjoy instant cleanliness and organization with this innovative cord winder.

✔ Simple and Convenient: Zipcord™ is designed for ease of use. Taking out and winding cords has never been easier. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of this automatic cord winder, saving you time and frustration.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your cord management and achieve a clutter-free space with Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder. Simplify your cord organization and say goodbye to tangled cords for good!

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Package Includes:
2 x Zipcord™ Automatic Cord Winder


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