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VibraSculp™ Anti-Cellulite Infrared Massager

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VibraSculp™ Anti-Cellulite Infrared Massager

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Want to remove stubborn fat, fight cellulite, and improve blood circulation?

Cellulite, who does not hate this word and the appearance of it? Cellulite is a problem that affects up to 85% of women over the age of 21. You want to fight it? Then VibraSculp™ is the solution for you!

You will nicght believe the results you can achieve by using this amazing device for just 5 minutes, twice a day.

✔ Reduces cellulite and stubborn fat that can otherwise only be removed by expensive surgery.

✔ Only 5 minutes a day per body part

✔ Visibly tightens and rejuvenates the skin

✔ Professional treatment through infrared technology

VibraSculp™ is anti-cellulite massager with infrared heat that effectively acts on accumulated fat and improves skin elasticity.

It fights cellulite and sagging skin, but is also optimal for relaxation and well-being through a pleasant massage. The rotation and vibration movement, as well as the optional infrared heat, enhance the result.

Why our customers LOVE VibraSculp™

✔ Relaxing Massage: This beauty tool not only burns fat and helps reduce unsightly cellulite, but also provides a relaxing deep massage. It helps to loosen knots and reduce muscle soreness.

✔ Versatile: Use on the neck, shoulders, hips, legs, arms, buttocks and abs to contour those problem areas. The unique design penetrates deep to eliminate cellulite and create a more defined and toned shape.

✔ Health Benefits: Increase the elasticity of your skin and improve the outer appearance of your "problem areas". Provides a deeper sleep as it improves circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves muscle cramps.



Material: ABS
Power: 25 w
Weight: 770 g

Parcel Includes

1x VibraSculp™ Anti-Cellulite Infrared Massager with 5 different massage heads



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