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StoneGlow™ Tile Coating | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

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StoneGlow™ Tile Coating | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

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It is crucial to have cleaning products that are specially designed for natural stone!

Our professional stone care solution offers a high-quality sealant and care treatment for your precious stone surfaces, including marble. Whether you need a sealing product for the first time or a resealer with long-term protection, our stone nanocrystal coating delivers the desired results for your granite surface. It is also suitable for other types of stones such as quartz, quartzite, granite, and saponite.

The StoneGlow™ product is widely adored for the following reasons:

Effectively eliminate dirt, dust, spills, and grease from sealed surfaces of granite, marble, and other natural stones

Safely removes grease, dirt, and watermarks, leaving no streaks behind

Our pH balanced formula prevents the deterioration of your stone seal and maintains the glossy appearance of your stone for an extended period

 After application, a protective film is formed through electroplating, creating a waterproof effect on the surface

 Suitable for sealing a variety of natural stones including granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, as well as tile and solid wood furniture

Composition: Nano Silicone
Coverage Area: 1 bottle can cover 3~5 square meters
Capacity: 50ml
Size: 4.7"x1.3"
Shelf Life: 3 years (unopened)
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place
Application: Suitable for brushing the surface of stone, marble, quartz stone, and ceramic tiles


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets, and avoid contact with eyes. Store in a dust-free environment
  • For indoor use only. Seal the product after each use, as it can oxidize and solidify when exposed to air
  • When applying the crystallizing agent to a towel or sponge cloth, apply it sparingly and evenly. Too little may result in lack of shine and brush marks, while too much can cause peeling. New countertops may require additional polishing
  • Avoid water accumulation on the crystallized surface for 5 days before it dries. If water comes into contact with the surface, dry it with a cloth as water accumulation may occur in later stages
  • Multiple applications may be needed for loose-surface items after drying
  • Always perform a small test on an inconspicuous area before applying the product to the entire surface, and ensure that gloss, hardness, toughness, and other requirements are met before proceeding with large-scale application
  • The store cannot be held responsible for accidents resulting from incorrect or untested use of the product

Parcel Includes:
2 x 50ml StoneGlow™ Tile Coating


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