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SewinGo Multifunctional Sewing Kit

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SewinGo Multifunctional Sewing Kit

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Make Sewing Convenient Even While On-The-Go!

Never again let a popped button or a sudden tear steal your confidence.

Embrace the power to repair and reinvent your style on the spot!

With SewinGo, your personal emergency fashion toolkit, you're equipped to tackle any wardrobe malfunction. This ultimate multifunctional sewing kit is your secret weapon against fashion disasters, ensuring you're always prepared, pristine, and empowered to make a statement.

The perfect ally for every style enthusiast on the move!

Ingeniously designed for ultimate convenience, this kit is a fashion lifesaver in your pocket.

Wave farewell to those unexpected wardrobe woes and step into a realm where style and sophistication meet practicality.

With SewinGo, you're not just fixing clothes; you're elevating your fashion game effortlessly!


✔️ Double-layer Design for Easy Organization: Keep your sewing essentials in perfect order. The upper layer features a designated space for the tape measure, dial, scissors, thimble, and needle threader, while the lower layer hosts 20 coils of vibrant colors. No more searching – everything is at your fingertips!

✔️ Stability in Motion: The upper layer is securely fixed with pearl cotton, ensuring your tools stay in place even when shaken. The smart card positions prevent chaos, while a partition plate separates the upper and lower layers, effectively securing the lower layer coil.

✔️ Premium Feel, Smooth Operation: The tape measure is wrapped in luxurious leather, providing a textured feel. Enjoy a smooth, unstuck pull for easy and accurate measurements every time.

✔️ Vibrant and Durable Threads: With 20 coils of different colors, SewinGo ensures you have a rainbow of options for your sewing needs. These threads are tough, durable, and resistant to breakage, promising a seamless sewing experience.

✔️ Convenience On-the-Go: The slim 3.8CM thickness makes SewinGo easily manageable with one hand. It's the perfect companion at home or on the go, effortlessly fitting into drawers or bags. Always be prepared to tackle wardrobe emergencies with ease.

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Package Includes:
1 x SewinGo Multifunctional Sewing Kit


  • Materials: PET
  • Size: 195*38*85mm

Included in the Kit:

  • 01. Thimble
  • 02. Sewing needle
  • 03. 150cm automatic retractable soft ruler
  • 04. Needle threader
  • 05. Gauntlet scissors
  • 06. 20 color sewing thread


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