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Quackool Duck Shaped Rice Ball Machine | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (2pcs)

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Quackool Duck Shaped Rice Ball Machine | BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (2pcs)

NOTE: The offer is only valid today!  Limited stock!

Delight Your Taste Buds - Create Adorable Rice Balls with Ease!

Immerse yourself in the charm of cute cuisine with our Quackool Duck Shaped Rice Ball Machine!

Craft irresistible, duck-shaped rice balls that are sure to quack up a smile at any table.

Who knew meal prep could be so playful and enjoyable?

Also perfect for parties or pepping up the everyday!

Say goodbye to mundane meals and hello to playful perfection

Transform your kitchen into a playground of flavor with the Quackool Duck Shaped Rice Ball Machine. This isn't just a rice mold; it's a passport to a world of edible fun, where each rice ball is a quacking delight.

Ideal for picky eaters or anyone looking to add a dash of fun to their meals, our rice ball machine turns ordinary ingredients into charming ducks that are as tasty as they are adorable.


✔️ Fun-Shaped Rice with Ease: Say quack to perfectly shaped duck rice balls! Our machine makes it incredibly easy to create fun meals – just fill, press, and pop out a perfect duck every time.

✔️ Engaging for Kids and Adults: It's not just about the food; it's about making memories. The Quackool rice ball maker is a playful way to engage everyone, making cooking and eating together a source of laughter and joy.

✔️ Safety Meets Convenience: Crafted with care from food-safe plastic, you can trust that your quirky culinary creations are not just cute, but also safe. When the fun's done, cleaning is as simple as a quick cycle in the dishwasher.

✔️ Versatile Beyond Rice: Not just for rice, Quackool is a wonder in winter too! It’s perfect for creating delightful snow ducks, bringing a touch of playfulness to snowy days. Whether it's rice or snow, Quackool brings joy to every season.

Limited stock available – order now and make every meal a delightful adventure! Hurry, before they're all gone!


Fill: Open the rice ball machine and place a scoop of your favorite sticky rice into the duck-shaped mold.

Press: Close the lid and press down firmly to shape the rice into a charming duck figure.

Release: Open the mold again and gently push out your duck-shaped rice ball—ready to be decorated or enjoyed as is!

Package Includes:
2 x Quackool Duck shaped rice ball machine (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)

Material: Plastic


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