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Poterio™ Mini Portable Pottery Machine | 8 Sculpting Tools Included

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Poterio™ Mini Portable Pottery Machine | 8 Sculpting Tools Included

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Create Stunning Ceramic Artistry from the Comfort of Your Home

✔ Low Noise Operation

✔ Durable and Rust-Resistant Design

✔ Safe and User-Friendly

✔ Versatile Creative Tool for All Ages

Unleash Your Creative Genius

Transform your creative vision into reality and craft exquisite ceramic art with ease using Poterio™ Mini Portable Pottery Machine.

This compact marvel brings the world of pottery right to your home, offering limitless artistic possibilities. 


✔ SUITABLE FOR ORDINARY CLAY & NATURAL DRYING: The Mini Pottery Machine is ideal for use with ordinary clay. The creations made on this machine are not intended for kiln firing. Instead, they should be allowed to dry naturally. This feature is perfect for crafting decorative items or practicing pottery techniques without the need for high-temperature firing, making it safe and convenient for home use, especially for beginners or those working with children.

✔ LOW NOISE OPERATION: This Mini Pottery Machine is equipped with a high-quality motor that ensures low noise during operation. With adjustable wheel speeds ranging from 0 to 1500 revolutions per minute, you can work with peace and quiet. The noise level is less than 60dB, providing a serene environment for your artistic endeavors.

✔ DURABLE AND RUST-RESISTANT DESIGN: The mini pottery machine features a high-quality turntable that resists rust, providing stability and making your work easier. Create beautiful pottery with confidence, knowing your equipment is built to last.

✔ SAFE AND USER-FRIENDLY: Poterio™ prioritizes your safety with a spill prevention switch located at the bottom of the machine. Enjoy a worry-free ceramic experience. The main body is painted, ensuring a compact structure and excellent mud retention.

✔ VERSATILE CREATIVE TOOL FOR ALL AGES: Whether you're a child or an adult, Poterio™ is perfect for all skill levels. Enhance your creativity, intelligence, perception, observation, and practical skills. Use it in school classrooms or at home with your family, strengthening bonds and fostering a sense of achievement.


1x Mini Portable Pottery Machine
8x Sculpting Tools

Ribbon Tools: Used for trimming and hollowing out clay.
Loop Tools: Similar to ribbon tools, but with a looped end for more intricate work.
Needle Tools: A sharp tool used for cutting clay, scoring, and making fine lines.
Wooden Rib Tools: Flat wooden tools used for shaping and smoothing clay.


Size: approx. 8.6x8.6x8.6cm / 3.4x3.4x3.4inch



  • Mini Pottery Machine
  • Clay (suitable for air drying)
  • Bowl of water
  • Sculpting tools (from the included set)
  • Optional: Towel for wiping hands


  1. Prepare your clay: Wedge the clay to warm it up and make it more pliable. You can wedge by repeatedly folding the clay in half and pressing it down. Break off a small piece of clay suitable for the size of your mini pottery wheel. Roll the clay into a smooth ball between your palms.

  2. Center the clay on the wheel: Wet your hands slightly to prevent the clay from sticking. Place the clay ball in the center of the pottery wheel. Gently press down on the clay to secure it to the wheel. Wet your fingers again and begin to gently center the clay. This involves shaping the clay into a symmetrical cone with a smooth surface. You can use your thumbs and fingers to push the clay inwards and upwards.

  3. Start the wheel and adjust speed: Plug in the pottery wheel and turn it on using the designated switch. The Poterio™ machine allows for speed adjustments, typically with a knob or dial. Start with a slow speed to get comfortable and gradually increase it as needed.

  4. Shape your clay: Once the clay is centered and the wheel is at your desired speed, you can begin shaping your creation. Use your sculpting tools or your hands to form the clay into your desired shape. The included tools can be used for trimming, hollowing, scoring, smoothing, and adding details.

  5. Refine and remove: Use water on your tools and hands as needed to prevent sticking and smooth out imperfections. Once you're happy with the shape, use a tool like a ribbon tool or needle tool to carefully cut your creation off the spinning wheel.

  6. Let it dry: Place your creation on a flat surface to air dry completely. Drying time can vary depending on the thickness of your piece.


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