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Hydroshoot Handheld Garden Watering Spray Gun

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Hydroshoot Handheld Garden Watering Spray Gun

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Forget The Hassle Of Old-Fashioned Watering Cans And Tangled Hoses.

Say goodbye to tedious watering routines and hello to a convenient, portable solution that makes garden maintenance a breeze!

This tool allows you to nourish your garden with just the right amount of water, exactly where it's needed, effortlessly enhancing plant health and vibrancy!

Tired of struggling with bulky watering cans or inefficient spray bottles?

Dive deeper into hassle-free gardening with our state-of-the-art spray gun.

Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, it offers adjustable settings from mist to jet stream, allowing you to target water flow with precision.

Perfect for delicate seedlings or robust plants, our spray gun adapts to all your gardening needs, making it the only tool you'll need.


✔️ CUSTOMIZABLE WATER OPTIONS: Whether you need a gentle mist or a targeted stream, our spray nozzle allows you to adjust the water flow to suit your gardening needs.

✔️ USB RECHARGEABLE: Easily recharge your spray gun using any standard USB port, ensuring it is always ready for use without the need for batteries.

✔️ READY TO GO: Compatible with standard plastic beverage bottles, our gun is effortless to connect and use, eliminating the hassle of complex setups.

✔️ ERGONOMIC AND PORTABLE: The ergonomic design of our handheld spray gun ensures a comfortable grip during extended use, making watering sessions less tiring and more enjoyable.

✔️ DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING: Crafted from high-quality plastic, our spray gun nozzle boasts a sturdy structure that can withstand frequent use without wear or damage.

✔️ FLEXIBLE NOZZLE OPTIONS FOR EVERY GARDENING NEED: Tailor your watering tools to suit your garden's layout and your plants' specific needs with our two nozzle options:

Long Nozzle: Perfect for reaching deep beds and distant plants, this nozzle extends up to 1 meter, ensuring you can cover extensive areas effortlessly.

Short Nozzle: Ideal for closer, more precise watering tasks, this shorter option provides targeted hydration without the need to stretch or move large distances.

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    Package Includes:
    1 x Hydroshoot Handheld Garden Watering Spray Gun


    The Long Nozzle Set contains:

    1 Long Nozzle

    1 Short Nozzle

    2m Silicone Water Inlet Pipe

    30cm Silicone Water Inlet Pipe

    Ideal for comprehensive garden coverage, allowing flexibility from deep beds to potted plants.

    Compatible with most beverage bottles


    Charging the Device:

    - Before the first use, charge the sprayer using the provided USB cable.

    - Connect the USB cable to the charging port on the spray head and plug the other end into a USB charging adapter or a computer USB port.

    - Allow the device to charge fully.


    - Fill the container with water or a liquid solution as needed for your gardening tasks.

    - Secure the spray head onto the container.

    - Press the power button to start the spray. Some devices might have adjustable settings for different spray patterns or pressures, so adjust as needed for your task.

    Maintenance and Care:

    - After each use, especially if you have used chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides, rinse the sprayer with clean water to prevent clogging and buildup.

    - Regularly check the charging port and keep it clean and dry.

    - Recharge the battery when you notice a decrease in power or spray effectiveness.


    - When not in use, empty the sprayer of any liquids to prevent leaks.

     -Store the sprayer in a dry place to avoid moisture damage to the electrical components.


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