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EELHOE Tanning Cream

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EELHOE Tanning Cream

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Moisturize and hydrate your skin while achieving a sun-kissed glow!

EELHOE Tanning Cream is a product that can aid in achieving a desired tan with reduced exposure to sunlight or tanning bed rays. Its formula is designed to speed up the tanning process, and it is a dual-purpose skincare product that can be used before and after sun exposure to protect, nourish, and darken the skin.

Opt for EELHOE Tanning Cream to obtain a bronzed look while enjoying the sun or lounging on a tanning bed.

✔ The latest version of this product contains a blend of carefully chosen natural ingredients that facilitate the gradual and natural darkening of your skin

✔ It enables you to attain a perfect, even bronze, while minimizing your exposure to sunlight

✔ This product is a reliable solution that helps you achieve a safe and natural-looking tan without the risk of uncomfortable sunburn or flaking

✔ This top-tier self-tanning kit has a fast-absorbing and non-staining formula, which is made possible by the use of high-quality ingredients

✔ You can now apply the cream or gel without worrying about stickiness

✔ It also has a fruit-based aroma that provides a pleasing scent while helping you achieve a more natural, darker, and immediate tan

Instructions for usage:

  1. Wash the area where the cream will be applied.
  2. Apply a liberal amount of the cream uniformly on the skin.
  3. Sunbathe or use a tanning bed to obtain the desired tan.
  4. If the desired shade is not achieved, you can reapply the cream after 3 hours.
  5. After exposure, use Aloe gel to soothe and moisturize your skin.
    *Individual results may differ based on skin type and duration of exposure. To maintain a steady tan, use the product every 2-3 days.

What is inside:

All the essential components required by your skin to achieve the ideal sun-kissed complexion

• Pure carrot oil, derived entirely from natural sources, to promote skin readiness and fortitude

• Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, for enhancing your tan's depth and richness
• Walnut oil, for a lustrous, golden hue
• Cacao butter, to imbue your skin with a glowing, nourished appearance
• Free from any harmful chemicals or other undesirable ingredients


Package Includes: 

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1x EELHOE Tanning Cream + 1x EELHOE Aloe After Sun Gel


1x EELHOE Tanning Cream Only


1x  EELHOE Aloe After Sun Gel Only



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