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Cozee™ USB Rechargeable Heated Socks

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Cozee™ USB Rechargeable Heated Socks

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Transform Winter Comfort!

Unleash the future of clothing technology with Cozee™ Heated Socks! Immerse your feet in the luxurious warmth of advanced carbon heating coils, strategically placed to combat the chill in vulnerable areas.

Step into a new era of warmth and luxury with Cozee™ USB Rechargeable Heated Socks. These smart socks are not just an accessory; they're a game-changer in winter comfort.

Whether you're into winter sports, hunting, or simply battling the cold, Cozee™ promises to keep your feet toasty and your spirits high.


Smart Heating Technology: Our heated socks feature powerful carbon heating coils concentrated in critical foot areas. Say goodbye to frozen toes, discomfort, and chilly days.

Premium Material for Ultimate Comfort: Crafted from 80% cotton, 12% polyester fiber, and 8% spandex, Cozee™ Heated Socks prioritize your comfort.

Padded reinforced heel and toe, coupled with a recessed heating element, focus warmth where it's needed most—keeping your feet warm and cozy during skiing, hiking, hunting, and more!

Washable & Durable: With an insulation and waterproof design, these heated socks are machine washable. The hidden pouch keeps the battery secure, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.

Portable Warmth On-the-Go: Cozee™ introduces a discreet battery pocket in each sock. Insert the battery, tuck it away, and experience warmth wherever you go. It's not just about heated socks; it's about the freedom to enjoy warmth on your terms—practical, convenient, and always cozy.

3 Available Temperatures:
There are three modes available, allowing practical and simple operation without overcomplication or unnecessary features. Once you connect a power bank, press and hold the power button for a few seconds to activate the system, a single press will cycle through the three heating modes.

Going from 104°F-119°F (40°C -45°C) Blue mode, then 113°F-122°F (45°C-50°C) White mode, and 122°F-131°F (50°C-55°C) Red mode. Simply to turn off heating by pressing power button on the sock.

Long Lasting Battery:
Our thermal socks are battery operated powered by two impressive rechargeable 3.7V 6000mAh lithium polymer batteries, they can heating up to 10 hours after fully charged at the lowest temperature setting (104°F-119°F). There is a small pocket at the side of each socks to store battery.

Package Includes:
1 Pair x Cozee™ USB Rechargeable Heated Socks


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